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Your certified partial demolition experts in Hobart

interior ofa house demolished for renovations

Are you looking for a professional demolition company? Look no further than Excavation Hobart Experts.
We are experts in partial demolition, which is the most efficient way to demolish a building. This process allows us to save time and money while still achieving the desired results.
We understand that demolition can be a stressful process. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our clients are always happy with the results of our work. We want you to feel confident in choosing us as your demolition company.


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    Partial demolition is a great way to open up a space without completely tearing it down

    Partial demolition refers to the process of selectively demolishing certain parts of a structure while leaving the rest intact. This is often done to make way for new construction or to update an existing space.
    There are many reasons why you might want to consider partial demolition for your next project. Maybe you’re looking to create a more open floor plan, or you want to eliminate an old sunroom that’s no longer being used.
    Whatever the reason, partial demolition can be an excellent solution for your needs.

    When to do a partial demolition

    The scope of partial demolition will vary depending on the project and the reasons for partial demolition. Some areas that may need partial demolition are walls, ceilings, floors, and structural members. It can be used when:
    – Removing walls
    – Expose beams
    – Creating an open floor plan
    – Other structural features
    This is not an exhaustive list but gives you an idea of some areas that may be affected during partial demolition. The amount of work required will also vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Partial demolition can range from removing a few walls to an entire floor or even the roof of a building.

    floor being demolished
    wall being demolished

    Reasons why you might want to do a partial demolition

    Partial demolition is done for many different reasons; some of them are;
    1. Making way for a new development
    2. Removing an unsafe structure
    3. To remodel or renovate an existing building
    4. To prepare a site for demolition
    5. To remove asbestos or other hazardous materials from a building.

    If you're considering a partial demolition, hire a professional contractor

    A professional contractor will be able to safely demolish your space partially. When hiring, consider their;
    If you’re looking for a professional and experienced contractor for your partial demolition project in Hobart, look no further than Excavation Hobart Experts!

    Tips for planning your partial demolition project

    Knowing some tips on how to plan for your partial demolition is essential. Some of them are;
    1. Making a plan and getting organized
    2. Getting the proper permits
    3. Hiring a professional contractor
    4. Creating a budget
    5. Disposing of the debris properly.
    We can provide you with a free quote today.

    Why choose us?

    Are you looking to demolish only a part of your house or office?
    At Excavation Hobart Experts, we specialize in partial demolition. We can help you tear down that wall you’ve always wanted to get rid of or take down only the section of your building that’s no longer needed. We’re here to help make your renovation dreams a reality.
    Our team is experienced and equipped with the latest tools and technology, so you can be sure your demolition will be done safely and efficiently. We’ll work with you to ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.
    Contact us today for a free consultation!


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