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Salamanca Market

About Salamanca Market

Nestled in the bustling downtown of Hobart, Tasmania, lies Salamanca Market – an award-winning haven for local artisans and cultural exploration. With over 300 stalls full of handcrafted glasswork, wooden wares, fashionable attire and locally created delicacies ranging from cheeses to wines & spirits, this waterfront landmark has become a well-known tourist destination near and far. As one of Australia’s highest-praised markets operating every Saturday between 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (run by none other than The City Of Hobart), visitors have access to explore some exclusive Tasmanian products that are sure to make their time on historical Salamanca Place truly remarkable!

Salamanca Market is determined to make an impact on sustainability and environmental protection, not just in Hobart but around the world. As Tasmania’s most visited tourist attraction with over one million visitors annually, we understand our responsibility to reduce wastefulness – that’s why you can now find compostable bins with green lids throughout the market! This initiative has reduced landfill bulk by 24 tonnes yearly, a hugely beneficial step forward for preserving clean air and water quality across our island state. Join us as we lead responsible tourism through innovation here at Salamanca Market!

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What to do at Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market offers an unforgettable journey through the vibrant culture of Tasmania. Every Saturday, locals and visitors alike flock to Hobart’s historic Salamanca Place for a delightful array of locally made products from over 300 stallholders. Enjoy hot coffee, delicious breakfast and lunch options, and fresh produce from local growers – not to mention handmade gifts that will surely be appreciated by all! With its special atmosphere and genuine island spirit at every turn – there is truly no other market quite like it in Australia.

Salamanca Market is buzzing with activity, bringing the same vibrant atmosphere its customers know and love. With fresh food from local growers to enjoy, plus an abundance of gift ideas and handmade products, there’s something for everyone! Get your morning cup of coffee or a delicious breakfast/lunch treat as you browse through some fantastic items. The team has been working hard to ensure that it’s all safe and fun at this exciting market destination in Tasmania.

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Name: Excavation Hobart Experts

Address: 65-69 Letitia St, North Hobart TAS 7000

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