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Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

About Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Set in the picturesque city of Hobart, Tasmania, lies a remarkable piece of Australia’s past – The Cascades Female Factory. Operating from 1828 to 1856 as an infamous workhouse for female convicts transported by Britain during its colonial expansion, it is one of 11 monuments across Australia listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, collectively known as Australian Convict Sites. This unique site offers visitors insight into both the harsh realities and historic penal-reform efforts experienced by female convicts at this time period. Today, with modern museum facilities catering to tourists interested in learning about early colonialism and transportation history, the Cascades Female Factory stands proudly amongst other iconic landmarks paying tribute to our nation’s rich heritage.

The Cascades Female Factory Historic Site is part of a remarkable journey in history that led to the building of modern Australia. As one of 11 convict sites forming an Australian Convict Sites World Heritage property, it serves as an iconic representation and reminder of Britain’s expanding influence during the years when transportation was used for penal reform. By learning about the female convicts’ stories at this site, we can gain further insight into how our nation came to be what it is today – truly inspiring!


What to do at Cascades Female Factory Historic Site

Step back in time to discover one of Australia’s most historic female convict sites! The Cascades Female Factory once held over 1,000 women at any given moment during its peak operation. Nowadays, it stands as a quiet and serene reminder of days gone by, nestled into the peaceful suburbia of South Hobart. Your entry ticket gives you full access to an immersive audio experience – unlocking this site’s remarkable history with every step taken along its sandstone-lined pathways.

A visit to the Cascades Female Factory in Hobart provides an invaluable opportunity for visitors to gain insight into Australia’s dark and turbulent past. This significant site was a workhouse run during Van Diemen’s Land when thousands of female convicts were held captive with little hope of escape or reprieve from their gruelling circumstances. A heartbreakingly fascinating testament to life centuries ago that is not soon forgotten, this must-see destination gives us all pause as we reflect on our own lives today.

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